About us

We're e-Baby “Love Merchants” dedicated to help you on your journey towards
“A ray of Hope to Happiness of Lifetime”

Tinklebloom shall be recognizing the unique needs of every desiring parent. Our experts will provide exceptional care in a professional and nurturing environment. Even single fertility will continually strive for excellence in parenting through e-baby solution earlier known as NIYOGA. As a team, we are committed to promote a culture of integrity respect and compassion for all who come to Tinklebloom in search of Happiness As “Hands That Touch the Tinkle rules the Hearts”. 

Tinklebloom Special Features
  • Advantage of being first mover
  • Increasing awareness and affordability
  • Quality of Care Services
  • Experienced & Dynamic Team
  • Better Safety Measures
  • Unique Concept
Tinklebloom Team

To Provide a Team of experienced Experts, Advisors and Consultants. To elimate middlemen and commercial agencies through Tinklebloom single window Programme. To provide one to one specialized care and love .

Anil Jinsi


Amit Singla

Director Finance

Parminder Singh

Director Technical

Sonali Mehta

Nominee Director (Ghana Africa)

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